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We Deal in


A wide range of products like Men’s Perfume, Women’s Perfume, Air fresheners, Water based Room Freshener, Perfume Sachets, Mandir Perfume, Cooler Perfume, etc.


Car Perfume

A wide range of products like Hanging Diffuser bottle, Car Freshener, Potli Perfume, Perfume Sachets, etc.



Roll on Attar for Men and Women with irresistible and unique fragrances.

Customization/Private Label

As a third party manufacturer, we offer Private Label Perfumes. All you need is an Idea, Rest all, we do for you. Choose the fragrance of your choice, we will prepare the product and you brand it and sell it.

Best Perfume Manufacturer, Wholesaler & Supplier in India

are you looking for private label perfume manufatcurer in india? your search ends here, we are the best private label perfume manufacturer, wholesaler & supplier in in india for private label perfumes, attar, car perfumes or white label room fresheners. 

Buying Best Economical Perfumes online in India for Men & Women, Car Air freshener, Room Freshener or perfume sachet etc. at the best Wholesale price is now simple. With over 20+ products in stock and nearly 3 years of experience in the perfume wholesaler market, stands among the most important Indian distributors and occupies a prominent position among the best third party perfume manufacturer in india.

The sale of perfumes, according to market trends, sees a great increase in e-commerce. Already many customers rely on our services, with a significant reduction in fixed costs, speed in shipments that reach the end customer directly in 48-72 hours, and the possibility of guaranteeing a vast assortment.

Jeewan Fragrance is the Best Perfume Manufacturer in India. Jeval supply the private label perfume for Men and Women in bulk and within budget with a proven quality. We have our own factory for the production of our perfumes. jeval serves our customers with customization as per their requirements.
we deal in wide range of products like car perfumes, air fresheners, perfume sachets, perfume sprays, apparrel perfumes, attars, paper perfumes, cooler perfume and much more… you can choose the fragrance you like and order for your loving perfume. we also serve as third party perfume manufacturer and supply the white label perfume of your choice and budget. 
We expand our range of products at all the times. Thanks to our specialists and masters in the production of aromas. We serve thousands of liters of perfume in bulk as third party perfume manufacturer in India.
We are a factory, and in our headquarters, in india an assembly line begins that covers all of India.

Will you agree with me when I say

“The smell of a person is not forgotten. Nor is the first impression of a person forgotten”

So imagine for a moment how important it is to make a good olfactory impression the first time you meet someone. So think how important it is to choose the best men’s perfume to wear or spray air freshener to living area. Before the habit it is the nose that “plays the monk”. It is very important to leave a good memory of our perfume, because it is that type of element that solidifies in the unconscious of those around us and constitutes a very important element to build the judgment that people have of us.

This is why I decided to start Jeewan Fragrances as perfume manufacturer to help you extricate yourself in the jungle of men’s perfume or women’s perfume, very often it is not easy to choose the best fragrance that highlights our character and way of being. If you want to buy a perfume for yourself or a gift for a loved one, you are in the right place. So let’s find out together which are the best men’s perfumes that you can buy right now from our Online Store.

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♥ The Scent of INDIA. ♥

Be impossible to forget…
, The Unsaid desire to World!

What Make Us Different
Jeewan Fragrance Best Perfume manufacturer and wholesaler in India. All the Perfumes are created & designed by experts to serve you best quality perfume.
As a Best Perfume wholesaler and Manufacturer, our mission is to offer economical, long-lasting, and unique flavors to our customers at a meager price with the best quality in the market. Our artists are aimed to create an affordable & luxury fragrance that features you appealing, confident, glamorous, and burst of freshness to kindle all your senses.
Not only we have the experience of selling perfumes, but we also have the expertise to match. Our staff is trained and developed so that they are the most knowledgeable sales advisors within the perfume industry and we can even boast about having the largest number of fragrance graduates nationwide.

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