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Know Your Perfume | Classification | Session-2

This is in continuation to Know Your Perfume | The Secrets | Session-1.

To summarize session-1, you learned about the basic definition of perfume, how it was invented, and the basic components of perfume.

In this session, you will learn more basics about perfume as per my commitment to share with you more about perfume to make you comfortable and independent of choosing your loved perfume as per your own needs and mood.

Regardless of any of the products, perfume is also classified majorly into 02 categories and their sub-categories.

Natural Perfume:

These perfumes are without any chemical and gluten-free. These are prepared using aromatic ingredients extracts from flora and fauna like essential oils, resins, floral waxes, absolutes, or infusions of the raw plant. These types of perfumes might have variations in the same type of fragrance you choose in different batches as natural sources are totally environmentally dependent and may change their properties.

Synthetic Perfume:

These are primarily made from artificial compounds using chemicals. The majority of chemicals used in this category are petrochemicals. In synthetic perfumes, you can customize the fragrance by mixing one or more compounds together whereas natural perfumes don’t have the required strength for blending with other fragrances. The possibility of customization perfume opens up so many opportunities for users to have unique flavors or perfume as per their choice.

Synthetic perfumes are getting more into the use as long as demand is increasing in the market.

It is not due to the fact that people don’t want to use natural perfumes but due to high demand, it becomes typical to fulfill as the natural resources have their own limitations.

The limitation of natural resources, high demand, and the fatiguing process of preparing natural perfumes have significantly increased the cost also. Which is another most important factor that people are moving to synthetic perfumes.

Anyhow, coming back to the point, Perfumes are further sub-categorized into 04 categories based on their property of longevity and fragrance concentration.

Classification of Perfume & Longevity

As mentioned earlier, after the major categories, perfumes are further sub-divided into sub-categories. You may refer to the picture for quick reference and due to the fact that visuals are easier to grab the content rather than reading through. However, below mentioned are the sub-categories of perfumes.

  1. Eau Fraiche: It is the most diluted category in the perfume segment. Essential oil concentration 1-3% only in a perfume refill. It lasts for 1-2hrs.
  2. Eau de Cologne (EDC): Diluted concentration of essential oil in this segment is 2-4% and lasts for 2-3hrs.
  3. Eau de Toilette (EDT): Diluted concentration of essential oil in this segment is 5-15% and lasts for 4-5hrs.
  4. Eau de Parfum (EDP): Diluted concentration of essential oil in this segment is 15-20% and lasts for 5-6hrs.
  5. Perfume or Parfum: Diluted concentration of essential oil in this segment is 20-40% and lasts for 6-8hrs.

The Cost Factor:

The cost factor also cannot be ignored when we talk about any of the products. In any perfume, the main component is its fragrance i.e. the essential oil.

As we move towards higher concentration i.e. Parfum class, the cost gets increased. And as mentioned above, the natural perfumes have again the higher cost over synthetic perfumes.

Nevertheless, still you can find the perfume in every class that suits you best in the budget. Due to the fact of high demand, the perfume industry is also growing and so the competition is always a healthy sign for the consumer to get their loved product at a competitive price.

As it was mentioned in my previous post that we also have to bring a Brand JEVAL in the market to share our contribution to consumers to have a good taste of perfumes in their routine. We are committed to provide the perfumes in an affordable range and offer our perfumes in the “Parfum” class.

To make this category available to our valuable consumer at a low price, we have designed the product by maintaining simplicity (no showcase or fancy designs) and putting the quality on perfume.

Now, based on the perfume type and its price, you can choose your perfume but when to apply the perfume is still a second question & this is a general question, people ask me. My answer is that the perfume you want to use should be based on its long-lasting property, which means how long the perfume stays and for how long you want to use it. Which one to choose, is already explained in the above section.

Now, the second question comes that which perfume we should apply & by when.

However, there is no hard factor for scheduling the perfume but still many people respond in a different way when they are asked for the same. Mix & Mesh responses are there among the people according to their mood, way of application, and most importantly their choice. Above the average, people speak about EDP or Parfum category as both the categories fulfill all their requirements in terms of burst, longevity, and the overall season and occasion.

I believe that I am able to make you understand the correct way of perfume application and the selection of a perfume based on their category.

As already mentioned in my first session, perfumery is a science and needs a lifetime to learn and improve your senses. Nevertheless, I will be bringing more for you to make you understand the basics to enable you to pick a perfume as per your own way.

Most people understand the usage of perfumes to overcome bad smells from clothes or bodies that generally occur during our physical exertions. The fact is that perfume not only makes us smells good but also it impacts/controls our emotions.

In our next session, we will be discussing perfumes and emotions. You will be able to understand, how to select a perfume suitable for your personality.

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